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Memories begin as an experience. A single thread in the tapestry of time. A crackling fire on the hearth. A rocking chair. A warm cup of tea. Or perhaps waves gently lapping the shore. A white dress and a ring. The haunting calls of a whippoorwill on a warm summer night. Moments like these are not meant to be merely experienced - they are meant to be relished. Relished with all your senses. For one brief moment, all is joy and ecstasy. Then suddenly, it's gone. The experience fades. The moment is over. Or is it?
I believe that there are moments that don't deserve to disappear. They are meant to be remembered. Remembered in such a way that your senses are re-awakened. You hear the waves crash against the beach. You see the sand squish up between your toes. You smell the salty mist. You feel the thin material of the veil between your fingers. You taste that passionate kiss. Welcome to Joel Sutherland Productions. Take off your shoes, hang up your hat, and stay awhile. Enjoy a couple of my videos in the portfolio section. Drop me a note in the contact section. Experience, Relish, Remember.